My name is Rachel Millner (she/her). I am a psychologist, Certified Eating Disorder Specialist and Supervisor, and a Certified Body Trust® provider. I am a white, queer, Jewish, fat, highly educated, economically stable, cis-woman. I hold many privileges that have impacted my experiences in the world and have given me the opportunity to access treatment, education, and to be able to do the work I love.  

I have spent my career working with people struggling with all forms of eating disorders and disordered eating and those wanting to break free from diet culture. I view myself as a therapist and activist as I help my clients heal in our work inside the office and work outside the office to dismantle diet culture and fat phobia.  My work is trauma-informed, fat-positive, anti-diet and rooted in feminist theory, relational theory, social justice, and body liberation. I believe that recommending diets or weight loss is not only harmful; it is unethical. Almost all of my clients have had a long dieting history and many of them are still dieting when they come to see me. I want to hear all about my client's experiences and we sit together in the painful and challenging spaces. I believe in body autonomy and respect everyone's right to decide what to do with their own body. 

Diet culture harms all of us, and it has certainly harmed me. I grew up in an environment in which there was a lot of focus on my eating and body size and went on to develop various eating disorders. My healing journey has been about not just my own recovery, but about identifying that my body and eating were never the problem. I am now the mother of two boys and am raising them in a fat-positive household in which their bodies and appetites are trusted. Accessing treatment is not easy especially for people with marginalized identities, and I have been privileged enough to receive treatment for my eating disorders that has helped me be able to do things differently with my own children. 

A few other things about me: I could spend a whole day listening to spoken word poetry (Andrea Gibson is on the top of my play list), and you will typically find podcasts playing in my car. I love sports and now spend more time watching my kids play than playing them myself. I still listen to most of the same music I listened to as a high school and college student, but have added Lizzo to the list. I love the theater-particularly musicals, and will choose TV over movies almost any time. 

I look forward to hearing from you and embarking on this journey together. There is freedom and liberation on the other side of eating disorders, disordered eating, diet culture and weight stigma. I work nationally and internationally with consulting clients and doing supervision and I work in therapy with clients located anywhere in PA or NJ, or any of the psypact approved states. List here:  

I can be reached via phone or text at: 215-932-9885.

Hi there! My name is Shira Collings (she/they). I am a feminist, neurodiversity affirming, queer and trans affirming, fat affirming, and disability justice aligned therapist. I am passionate about supporting people in living a life that is aligned with their true values, and healing from both external and internalized oppression that may be impacting their well-being.

 My therapeutic approach is primarily based in person-centered and feminist approaches. This means I strive to create a space in which clients can express their full, authentic selves and share their stories without shame or judgment. I also have training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. Additionally, I regularly incorporate self-compassion, expressive arts, philosophy and pop culture, and self-advocacy skills into my approach.

 Below are some areas of specialization:

 Eating Disorders, Disordered Eating, & Body Image

 As a diet culture dropout myself, I am passionate about supporting others in finding freedom with food and body acceptance. My therapeutic approach is aligned with Health At Every Size and fat liberation, and I am especially passionate about working with LGBTQ+ and neurodivergent folks in recovery from eating disorders and disordered eating. Because our culture idealizes the pursuit of thinness above health and well-being, it is incredibly difficult to move toward a relationship with food and body that is driven by our own needs and values rather than these oppressive messages. We should never have to be alone in this journey.

 Neurodiversity Affirming Therapy

 As a neurodivergent therapist, I love working with neurodivergent folks! To me, being a neurodiversity affirming therapist means rejecting the idea that there is any right way to have a brain and instead embracing cognitive, psychological, and neurological differences and disabilities as part of human diversity. As part of my approach, I collaborate with clients to explore ways they can unlearn internalized ableism and advocate for accommodations and supports that will help them live their best neurodivergent life. I currently facilitate a support group with Liberating Jasper for neurodivergent adults with eating disorders, and I will be starting another support group within this practice for neurodivergent adults navigating other types of concerns.

 Queer & Trans Affirming Therapy

 I am a queer, nonbinary therapist and enjoy supporting others with those identities! My intersectional feminist approach to therapy means that as part of our work together, we can explore and unpack internalized and externalized queer and trans antagonism. I can also provide support with coming out and steps toward socially and medically transitioning.

 Trauma, Grief, & Loss

 I believe that so many of the emotional distress and mental health concerns we experience are natural responses to trauma and loss. An important part of therapy is having a chance to acknowledge and honor these parts of our stories, and to work toward healing in a way that aligns with our values and goals. I have training in Narrative Exposure Therapy, an approach that uses storytelling and testimony to facilitate trauma recovery. I am also certified in Cognitive Processing Therapy and Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Additionally, I have completed training in grief and loss, with a particular focus on reproductive and perinatal loss.

 Religious & Spiritual Identity Development

 Religion and spirituality, including atheist and agnostic beliefs, can be an important part of our lives and of our healing from some of the above concerns. Unfortunately, they can also be sources of deep pain and trauma in our culture. One of my areas of focus clinically is supporting people in exploring the ways that religious trauma may have impacted them. I affirm and celebrate all pathways to healing, whether that is forming a new spiritual and religious identity, rejecting religion and theistic beliefs altogether, or somewhere in between.

 In addition to having clinical training on this topic, I am currently in training to become ordained a Secular Humanistic Jewish Ceremonialist. Through this program, I am developing the expertise to design and officiate rituals that celebrate and honor parts of people’s lives in a way that is reflective of their values. While this is separate from my role as a therapist, I bring my passion for navigating spiritual identity in a way that is affirming of all belief systems and practices to the therapy space.

 Some fun facts about me: I have two adorable cats of my own named Franklin and Mina, and I foster kittens, some of whom love to make an appearance in therapy sessions! I love theater and have written a few plays. I also love watching movies - some of my favorites are Thelma and LouiseOne Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, and But I'm a Cheerleader.

 I would be honored to be part of your journey. Please feel free to fill out the contact form if you’d like to learn more about working together. I look forward to getting to know you and collaborating on the path toward healing and liberation!

Hello! I'm Sar (she/they).

I am a pre-licensed therapist and artist who is inspired by fat liberation & radical self-love.

I received my Masters of Arts in expressive art therapy, and I have professional and personal practice in care work settings. I also have intersecting identities as a fat, queer, Latinx person who has been able to find strength in educating myself about other human experiences and offering support to my communities.

I have lived experiences with disordered eating and have had a history of inaccurate treatment because of my body. I know I am not alone in this experience, and I know how scary opening up to someone about body trauma can feel. Your experiences are valid. Healing our bodies in a world that is steeped in capitalism, diet culture, and body oppression is challenging at best. In addition, I have both personal and family experience of neurodivergence as well as a background working with people who are neurodivergent. I have found that after working in a program for adults with disabilities, I needed to do a lot of unlearning due to the harmful information I was taught by other providers and training in that setting. My strength in working with neurodivergent people is not my work experience, but my own lived experience and learning to tune in and listen to other people’s lived experiences. I offer a space that is neurodivergent affirming and utilizes a social justice lens to inform my work.

This will ultimately be your story, but my hope is that we can build new ways for you to eradicate toxic messages that imbed body shame, create new narratives that allow you to explore your body in a loving and supportive way, and tend to your relationship with food.

I use a person-centered approach in our individual sessions and can offer guidance in recovering from diet culture, disordered eating, as well as issues related to depression, anxiety, trauma, sexuality, and body image. In addition to talk therapy, I am skilled in using creative art therapy to develop a deeper level of communication in sessions.  While art therapy can be many things, I specifically offer a range of creative suggestions that can foster a sense of empowerment. I have led restorative figure drawing sessions in the past that encouraged the exploration of the body in a safe and meditative way. When we work together, I will adapt my approach to be best suited for your needs and am ready to support you on your journey towards the future.

My name is Jess Salatino (she/her) and I am a licensed social worker specializing in working with people who are struggling with eating disorders, disordered eating and body image. I am a white, cisgender, straight, thin, currently able bodied woman. I have worked in a variety of levels of care and, as such, have experience working with people at various points in their healing process. In all of my work with clients, I strive to create a space in which clients feel safe, supported, and heard. I am neurodivergent affirming and LGBTQIA+ affirming. Since eating disorders move us away from our authentic self, our work together is often a process of supporting you in re-connecting with your values and self. 

All of my work is informed by the Health at Every Size(R) principles and is weight inclusive. I recognize the ways that weight stigma and diet culture have caused harm and this understanding is incorporated into my work as I support clients on their path to healing. As someone who has healed from my own eating disorder, I know the importance of having treatment that is non-stigmatizing and recognizes how our varying identities impact our experiences in the world. 

In addition to working from a HAES framework, I have training in cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy. I enjoy working with adolescents, young adults, and adults, and incorporate family based treatment when appropriate. Additionally, all of my work with clients is trauma-informed and practiced with an understanding of social justice. I also frequently work with people who have other presenting concerns as well, such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and OCD. 

Outside of my work with clients, I enjoy spending time with my partner and our kids, as well as our two dogs Goose and Ruby. I love the outdoors and can’t turn away from reality TV. I have a passion for music and there isn’t a genre of music I don’t like. 

I am looking forward to the possibility of working together and supporting you in your healing process.

My name is Emily Rudofsky, LCSW (she/they). I identify as queer, fat, Jewish, and neurodivergent. I have personal and professional experience with disordered eating, body image work, LGBTQ+ issues, neurodivergent issues, and the need for radical self-compassion. I find that our unique identifiers can bring richness to our lives and our relationships with ourselves and others. I enjoy incorporating holistic techniques into my work including the mind-body connection, mindfulness, nature/outdoors, intuitive movement, and the expressive arts. I believe there is no "one size fits all" approach in therapy, and I am dedicated to exploring what works for you without judgement.

I have extensive experience in treating mood and anxiety symptoms, disordered eating, trauma/PTSD, neurodivergent burnout, and challenges with adjustment throughout the lifespan. We live in a world that encourages self-criticism, unrealistic expectations, a constant need for productivity, and of course, diet culture. My goal as a therapist is to validate the impact our experiences, identities, and the social messaging we receive can have on mental health and wellbeing. I want to help you find the tools you need to reduce distress and dysregulation, get your needs met, self-advocate, debunk shame and guilt, and increase self-compassion.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a Master’s in Social Work from Rutgers University with intensive training in DBT. Most recently I worked at Princeton House Behavioral Health for several years in their partial hospitalization (PHP) and intensive outpatient (IOP) programs. My clinical experience in mental health has included work with youth, adults, families/couples, and groups, as well as work among various levels of client risk including suicidality and self-harming behaviors. I am also dedicated to providing sex-positive, kink/BDSM, and poly-friendly care.  

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family (including our cat,) taking long walks in nature, reading sci-fi and fantasy novels, and making collage art. 

- Holistic practices
- Meeting the needs of the client on an individual basis
- Health at every size
- Body image, fat acceptance
- Eating disorders and disordered eating
- Diet culture
- LGBTQ+ identities
- Autism
- Bipolar
- Anxiety
- Depression
- Sex positive
- Kink
- Polyamory
- Youth
- Families
- Adults

Hi! My name is Alex (she/her). I am a licensed family and marriage therapist and work with individuals, couples, and families. I offer a safe place for you as you explore your feelings and your ways of coping. We will work together in therapy to support you in embracing yourself, your needs, and your desires. Every person has a unique story and experiences, which is why I work from a person-centered approach. I honor each individual where they are and believe that each person is the expert on themself. I will not have all of the answers, but we will work together so that you can find the answers and wisdom inside of you. 

I believe that telling our story is an important part of healing and helps us to understand ourselves in a deeper and more compassionate way. I will hold space in therapy for you to share your story as you are ready, and together, we will explore if there are certain aspects of your behaviors or relationships that you want to change or shift. 

My primary specialization is in working with people with eating disorders and supporting people in healing their relationship with their body. As someone living in this culture, I know the impact of diet culture, gender stereotypes, the pressure of the thin ideal and unrealistic beauty standards. I have struggled with an eating disorder and in my relationship with my body. Throughout my own recovery, I have learned the importance of self-compassion, advocacy, and understanding our body’s needs. My own experience with an eating disorder is a large part of what led me into this field. I know how hard it is to struggle with an eating disorder and I also know how freeing it is to heal from one. I also recognize how my own privileges as a thin, white, cisgender woman have given me access to support and healing that not everyone has had access to. 

In addition to my personal experience with an eating disorder, I have spent years educating myself on eating disorders and understanding the various treatment interventions and modalities to support people in their healing. I am also certified as an eating disorder specialist. As a weight inclusive, fat positive, Health at Every Size(R) provider, all of my work is rooted in social justice. I acknowledge my own privileges and the importance of utilizing them to dismantle systems of oppression. I want to support others in taking up space in the world while recognizing the systems and structures that have made that difficult. 

In addition to working with people with eating disorders, I also work with a variety of other presenting concerns,  including but not limited to, anxiety, depression, addiction, and trauma. I am trained in suicide prevention, Solution focused therapy, and Trauma and Recovery Empowerment (TREM), which is  a trauma based treatment modality. I utilize interventions from dialectical behavioral therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy  and acceptance and commitment therapy. I am client centered and relationally oriented. I provide neurodivergent affirming care and understand ways that eating disorder treatment may need to be adjusted to support the needs of neurodivergent folx. 

I recently completed my training as a yoga teacher and am excited to be offering weight inclusive, fat positive yoga classes. I live in Bucks County, PA with my partner and our fur babies- Roger, Darcie and June. In my free time, I enjoy practicing yoga, getting lost in a good book, and baking. I am a skilled thrifter and love finding treasures- especially original floral art pieces! 

I am looking forward to working with you and supporting you on your journey.

Rachel Millner (she/her), PsyD, CEDS, CBTP
Healing Relationship with Food and Body
[email protected]   |    215-932-9885
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